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As you get older you may find it harder to manage your affairs and in particular your finances.  We are very experienced in helping our clients to organise their Will and we encourage all clients to set up a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA).

Having an LPA in place means that you have chosen someone to help manage your affairs, your attorney, if you are no longer able to do so.  That way if funds are needed to help with your care, your attorney can help to organise them.   It can also be important to protect the interests of elderly clients and avoid future pitfalls in the management of their affairs.

Solicitors for the Elderly

Many of our team are members of the “Solicitors for the Elderly” organisation.  Solicitors for the Elderly (SFE)  is a national organisation of lawyers committed to providing and promoting high quality legal services for older people, their family and carers. SFE members have experience and specialise in a wide range of legal issues affecting older and vulnerable people.   To become a member you must have a qualifying number of years’ experience advising older people and complete an examination.  It also has a Code of Practice which solicitors must follow and which is designed to ensure you are given clear and straightforward advice and that your interests are safeguarded at all times.

We believe this means members of SFE are very well qualified to provide advice to elderly and vulnerable clients and their families.

Future plans

We can also offer advice on planning for future care fees, Local Authority assistance and the benefits and allowances that may be available.  If you have pension plans and/or investments and you would like advice regarding planning for the future, we work closely with Raymond James Investment Services Limited which is an international investment management company, through the Raymond James Weald of Kent branch.  It is managed by Mark Beaney who has worked with Whitehead Monckton and its clients for many years.

Managing your affairs

Unfortunately, if you are unable to manage your own affairs and you have not set up an LPA, then we can help by advising and guiding your family through an application to the court to appoint a Deputy.

A Deputy has the authority to manage your financial affairs or make health and welfare decisions on your behalf. We can also act as a deputy if your family is unable to do so or do not live nearby to then organise your affairs.

If you or your family need more details please contact us.

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