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Thinking carefully about your long-term finances may be an unromantic thing to consider in a relationship, but a prenuptial agreement can help you gain both clarity and security over your finances.

Whether you are intending to cohabit or marry, our prenuptial agreement solicitors in Canary Wharf, East London can assist in drawing up an agreement to help protect you.

What's a Prenuptial Agreement?

A prenuptial agreement is a document that describes the agreed distribution of finances and other assets between a couple in the event of separation or divorce. It’s normally created in the early stages of a relationship or prior to marriage and gives clarity to both parties in the unfortunate event that they separate. For more information, please see, "What is a Prenuptial Agreement?"

Is a Prenup Legally Binding?

A prenuptial agreement is not a legally binding document in the UK but can be used in court providing both parties entered into the agreement consensually and freely.

For the document to be considered seriously in court, it is also important that the document provides complete clarity over finances and assets. This is why it is crucial if you are thinking of drafting a prenup that it is done by a prenuptial agreement lawyer, such as the solicitors at Docklands Solicitors.

Not only will you get a professionally prepared document, but you will also benefit from the decades of legal advice of our expert family law team, which can help inform your decisions made as part of the agreement.

When Should I Get A Prenup?

There is no fixed date for when you should get a prenuptial agreement, but in general, having a prenuptial agreement organised early into your relationship has several key benefits.

Firstly, this gives you time to discuss the terms with your partner, and gives you plenty of time to think about your long term financial situation should the worst happen. This will also allow you to think clearly about the agreement as you won’t be rushing to meet a deadline.

Secondly, a prenuptial agreement could take months to create. This depends on the complexity of your finances and assets. Starting earlier allows for additional time to get the document prepared in advance of a wedding, for example.

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Our prenuptial agreement solicitors in East London are experts in drafting both simple and complex prenuptial agreements to give you both clarity and security throughout your relationship.

To get in touch with our team, simply contact one of our solicitors below, email info@docklandssolicitors.com, or call our Canary Wharf office on 020 7531 2990.

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