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The ending of a marriage can be a distressing time whatever the circumstances and it's important at such a difficult time to understand your position and to discuss your options with an experienced family law specialist.

We will guide you through the process in a clear and cost-effective way, advising on your rights, drafting the necessary paperwork and liaising with the court on your behalf. If you have been served with a divorce petition, we can deal quickly with this on your behalf to protect your interests.

If you are unsure about whether or not to bring divorce proceedings, we will be able to advise you on what other options might be available to you including judicial separation and separation agreements. As part of the process we will also discuss matrimonial assets and liabilities with you.   

The greatest consideration with any divorce proceeding is how it will affect your children.  If you have children under the age of 18 our team will work with you to design a living arrangement that brings the maximum stability and security for your children.

We will offer sensitive, constructive and cost-effective legal advice. All our lawyers are members of Resolution and therefore committed to a non-confrontational approach to resolving family problems.

Helpful guides and resources

To help you during this difficult time we have several resources put together by our expert family team that may be of interest to you. Please click on the links below to access this additional information:

Surviving a Divorce or Separation - The Ultimate Guide - divorce and separation survival tips.

MOT your separation -  bank accounts, the family home, Wills and other important matters to consider with a separation.

Divorce procedure guide – find out more about the divorce process and associated documentation.

Divorce FAQs - a helpful guide to clear up some of the common questions clients ask in relation to divorce matters.  

Your First Appointment

We offer specialist advice from our office in the heart of Docklands, London. If you live or work in Canary Wharf, we are just over the South Quay Bridge and your first appointment will be on a fixed fee of £175 plus VAT for as long as you need. As part of that appointment we will take details of your matter, provide specific advice to your situation and the best ways forward for you, setting out all available options. We will also provide you with an idea of the overall costs going forward and will follow it up in writing explaining the advised way forward for you.

To arrange your fixed fee appointment please contact our office on 020 7531 2990 to discuss your circumstances and how we can help you.

Financial Matters

We understand that the financial implications of divorce cause great concern and so our divorce solicitors will take the time to understand your personal financial situation in order to recommend the options available to you.   We will help you to achieve the most suitable outcome for your individual circumstances whether this is negotiating a settlement or, if necessary, using the court system to protect your interests.

In the event that further expert financial advice is required (for matters relating to valuations of partnerships, companies, pensions and investments), we have a trusted panel of financial advisors at Raymond James Kent who are able to assist in such circumstances. In addition, we also have our highly experienced mediators and collaborative lawyers who can work to find a solution for you.

Helpful guides and resources for financial matters

You may find the following resources helpful in regards to financial legalities:

How we resolve financial disputes - the process we follow in order to negotiate a settlement and avoid going to court.

Financial arrangement FAQs – commonly asked questions about how financial matters relating to divorce are resolved.

The family home - information on the two main types of property ownership: “joint tenants” and “tenants in common”.

The effects of divorce on a Will – find out more about how your estate would be distributed once you have passed on.

Our team of divorce solicitors in Docklands are here to help you through this difficult time, so please send us a message or call us on 020 7531 2990 if you are considering a divorce or you need help and advice on what to do next.

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is a matter we take very seriously and suitable arrangements will be made to ensure that the earliest possible appointment with one of our family solicitors is offered to you.

To help alleviate some of your uncertainty around legal matters of this nature, we have compiled a list of common questions clients ask in relation to domestic violence: What is domestic violence?

You may also find it useful to visit the Men's Advice Line or the Women's Aid website.

If you prefer, please send us a message or call us on 020 7531 2990 to discuss your circumstances and how we can help you.

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