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The law relating to couples that cohabit without marrying is very different to the law that relates to marriage. There is no such thing as a "common law" husband or wife. We will therefore give you clear and practical advice on the things you can do to help protect you, your rights of ownership and occupation of your home and your rights and responsibilities as a parent.

We've prepared a helpful guide to some of the common questions clients ask in relation to cohabitation here.

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Cohabitation Agreements

A cohabitation agreement is a legally binding document that outlines your rights as a cohabiting couple. The idea that a “common law” marriage exists and has legal protection is a myth. If you are cohabiting, you should look to create a cohabitation agreement between you and your partner with the guidance of a cohabitation agreement solicitor.

A cohabitation agreement is a document that can cover rights and responsibilities in your relationship with regard to:

  • Finances
  • Property
  • Child custody
  • Wills and estates of the deceased
  • Other assets

Having this agreement in place is a great source of security, and when prepared by a solicitor, can offer legal protections should the relationship break down.

Creating a cohabitation agreement in the early stages of your relationship can save you money in the future as you avoid costly litigation fees in fighting for your assets. By having everything clearly documented at the beginning of the relationship, you also reduce the stress and time taken to resolve any disputes in the future.

Cohabitation agreements can also be used to define child custody arrangements, giving your family long term security as to how your children will be looked after if the relationship were to break down.

Should you or your partner die, a cohabitation agreement can also provide clarity over the estate of the deceased, reducing any complications that may arise during what would be an enormously stressful time.

For more information on child arrangement or wills and estates, please contact our child custody solicitors or our will solicitors

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