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If you are involved in planning appeals or judicial reviews, we have specialist experience to assist you. If you are a developer seeking to complete an appeal of a planning consent refusal we can advise you regarding the timetable and deadlines, the process and the potential costs involved, together with our opinion as to the potential outcome.  You are then in a position to decide your next step, making those important commercial decisions, knowing the potential costs and likely result.

We have specialist experience acting for local authorities, developers and other interested parties on planning appeals and judicial review challenges in the High Court – every step of the way.

Helping you through the planning appeal process

Whether you are a developer seeking to appeal a planning consent refusal, a third party looking to make representations to an inquiry, a local authority defending a planning decision, or you are interested from any other angle, we have the experience to guide you through the process.

Our specialist planning lawyers routinely advise on the deadlines for taking such actions, the timetable for the rest of the process, and the potential outcomes of different courses of action – including in relation to costs – to help you decide whether to take the next step.

An appeal to the Planning Inspectorate may be dealt with by way of written representations, an informal hearing or a public inquiry. We have experience in acting for each side in all such procedures.

We can help you to assemble the team you may need to act as witnesses or give opinions on technical points in relation to an appeal or a challenge in the High Court, so that your case is presented in the best possible way. We help you through to the hearing itself, instructing counsel as necessary.

Can we help?