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We can provide help with a wide range of queries relating to Listed Building and Conservation Areas.  These can range from assisting with the implications of listing and delisting properties to appeals relating to planning consents for extensions and alterations to listed buildings.

Listed Building Consent is required from the Local Planning Authority to make any alterations to  a listed property way which could affect its character. The legislation is not designed to make it impossible to alter a listed building – rather to ensure that care is taken over decisions affecting its future and any alterations are carried out in an appropriate way, so the architectural and historic value of the property is maintained. Many listed buildings can carry a degree of appropriate alteration or extension, but inevitably they must be very carefully designed, and subservient to the character of the original building. 

With the increased targets for home building, many listed buildings are now the subject of or adjacent to considerable development.  The planning elements and their effective management can be key to the success of the whole venture.

We can help with the negotiations and arguments to support your applications and to assist if a Local Authority is involved with enforcement action as a result of alterations. .

Our early involvement can make the process smoother and ideally avoids costly disputes and associated delays.

Can we help?