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It is inevitable that you will enter into contracts as part of you business.  These can range from relatively simple ones with your suppliers to potentially complex interdependent contracts covering a number of international jurisdictions and regulations.  Whatever the contract, you need to fully understand the terms and also what the implications are if things go wrong. 

We can help you to identify and draft appropriate contracts which reflect

It’s important to remember a contract does not need to be in writing to be binding.  Spoken agreements can be just as binding as written ones, but not so easy to prove if a dispute arises.  Having clear written and agreed contracts are a business imperative and can really help to avoid costly and damaging trading disputes.  

It’s also important to remember contracts apply to the supply of services not just to products and the right contract can be even more important, as different parties expectations of the services provided can vary considerably.

Even with excellent contracts, disputes can still occur.  If so our Dispute Resolution team are experienced at resolving disputes and where appropriate achieving financial redress for our clients.

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