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Everyone is pretty familiar with terms and conditions, particularly for online transactions.  How many times do you need to check that box!   However, I suspect the importance of them to the wellbeing of your business can be underestimated. 

It is vital to consider the terms and conditions under which you intend to trade or offer services, and to make sure that they match your business. They set out how you intend to operate, the commercial terms you want and the image you wish to communicate to your customers, so a pretty important document.

It may be tempting to pull a standard set off the web and simply change the name but we would caution against this. Every business is different and you need to make sure the Ts and Cs are right for your business and your clients.  As important as the included terms may be what is missing, it could be the standard Ts and Cs do not have adequate payment arrangements in them, without which it could be tricky to pursue bad debts.

We can work with you to prepare appropriate documents which satisfy all relevant legislation and are fair to your clients and your business.

Can we help?