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In the life cycle of any developing business there will be times when a material restructuring is necessary either for tax reasons or to expand. It could be acquiring a new business or company or streamlining or rationalising operations by the sale of part of the business or a subsidiary. 

Clients often highlight to us that buying or selling their businesses can be a really stressful time.   Negotiations can move rapidly and be hard pressed, potentially impacting everyone in the business.  As well as our legal role, we consider it vital to bring focussed advice and support to bear on the agreements, helping to highlight alternatives and their implications.

Our team of specialist corporate lawyers can assist at all stages of a business restructure.  From initial considerations and planning, we will work closely with your financial and accountancy advisers to draw together a plan for restructuring which meets your requirements.  We feel it needs to be as straightforward and commercially clear as possible.  We will also work alongside your bankers to provide arrangements for their funding requirements and the provision of independent advice as required.

Sale or purchase of businesses inevitably involves the due diligence process and the level of detail required can be frustrating. One of the roles of our team is to guide you through the acquisition or disposal process, giving clear guidance at each stage of the process and explaining the liability you are undertaking in each document. 

We can deal on your behalf with negotiations for the terms of sale or purchase, taking into account the advice from your tax advisers.  We have great experience in working alongside and across the table from both local and city firms to obtain the best deals for our clients.

We will also help you steer a path through the complexities of warranties and terms of sale or purchase.

We can work closely with your funders and arrange for appropriate charges to be agreed to secure any borrowing being used for the transaction.  Our expert lawyers have experience in dealing with charges, guarantees, omnibus guarantees within company groups and mortgages over properties.

A relatively new development for corporate finance is through crowd funding initiatives, something we expect to see more of in the future and again an area where we can provide the advice you need.

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