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Your businesses intellectual property, be it your “know how”, patented products, logos, design rights, domain name, can all be vital assets of your business.  It is only appropriate therefore that you have in place protection for these assets, just as you would for more traditional assets such as building and plant.

Starting out

If you are establishing a business it makes strong commercial sense to safeguard your IP as part of that process.  It may be as simple as checking for existing IP restrictions and securing the right domain name and registering a trademark.  It might be complex patent applications within international jurisdictions. 


Business never stays still and you may need to add to your IP as new developments are completed.  You may also need to protect your rights from competitors and new arrivals.

Corporate transactions

Buying or selling businesses will also involve their IP and it is vital to understand the benefits and limitations as these can have a direct influence on the business opportunities and costs.   

We can handle registrations and protection for your IP.  We can also provide advice and support if you are buying or selling a business with valuable IP.  If disputes arise, for example over copyright, our Dispute Resolution team can act on your behalf to protect your IP.

Can we help?