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To build your business you may enter into agreements with agents, offering greater scope in existing or new markets. 

You may also consider becoming the distributor for another firm in a key location, or you may complete a supplier agreement to help your business enter a new geographical market. 

Whichever approach you take and whatever the specific terms, it is vital that the formal agreement with the other firm covers all the key elements of the relationship.

For example it needs to include:

  • distributor’s territory and whether they have exclusivity
  • whether they can sell competing products,
  • delivery and payment arrangements.

Agents can negotiate sales on your behalf, usually for a commission.  A key issue to be resolved and covered in the agency agreement is what authority the agent has to act on your behalf and therefore where potential liabilities would apply.

Distribution and agency agreements can involve complex legal and commercial issues. For example, what rights do each firm have for using logos and trade marks, what are the termination arrangements.

Our lawyers have the experience and knowledge to give commercial and relevant advice in negotiating these trading arrangements, drawing on previous examples and understanding all the relevant regulations.  Through our membership of LawNet we have links across Europe through the Eurojuris network of law firms, giving you access to international expertise if you need it.

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