2005 – Docklands Solicitors was formed

Docklands Solicitors was set up by Rebecca Wigglesworth and Pam Thomas in 2005 to provide accessible and relevant legal advice to businesses and individuals based in “Docklands”. The initial firm therefore bought together Rebecca and Pam’s specialisms in Family Law and Property Law respectively.

Since 2005 the team has grown and we have been providing legal advice, particularly relating to family issues and property transactions. From the start of the firm, we recognised the need to offer clients early and late appointments to fit around work commitments, rather than you having to fit around us.  Clients have appreciated this personal and flexible service we can offer in our location.

2016 - Merger with Whitehead Monckton 

In October 2016, Docklands Solicitors merged with Whitehead Monckton. Whitehead Monckton has been established for over 235 years and has offices in Canterbury, Maidstone and Tenterden. With over 100 members of staff, Whitehead Monckton offers the full range of legal services.

This merger enables Docklands Solicitors to assist clients with all their legal needs with the support of the experts within Whitehead Monckton. Alex Bak and Katie Broadfield, both Associate Directors of Whitehead Monckton have already transferred to the Docklands Solicitors offices.

2017 - 10 years on

Docklands Solicitors is proud to have served the people of Docklands over the past 10 years and we look forward to continuing to do so long into the future. If you would like to find out more about Docklands Solicitors such as our accreditations and standards, our About Us page contains more helpful information.

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