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You know your circumstances and your children better than the court, therefore with the assistance of an expert mediator you and your ex-partner may be able to reach an agreement without the need for difficult court proceedings.

Mediation is an alternative to the court process which allows couples to sort out their own arrangements covering their separation, children and financial matters.

Collaborative law is a process that encourages the parties to work together on settling their matrimonial issues, rather than using the courts. Collaborative Law originated in America and has been brought to the UK through the organisation Resolution.

Arbitration is another alternative to the Court process which allows couples  to sign up to an agreement that they will both go to arbitration and be bound by the decision of the arbitrator. This is like agreeing to have your case decided by an independent trial Judge for a day or two days, if that is how long the case lasts. An arbitration hearing can be organised quickly and can give a quick resolution particularly bearing in mind the delays in the Court system.

More information is available by going on to the arbitration website which is www.ifla.org.uk.  A decision made at arbitration is now binding as set out in the case of S –v– S [2014]) which established that, in the absence of very compelling countervailing factors, the arbitral award would be determinative of the Order that the Court made i.e. would be upheld. 

Dawn Harrison and Graham Jones are both highly experienced and accredited mediators.  Dawn Harrison, Daniel Bennett, Jonathan Miller and Emma Palmer are all trained and experienced collaborative lawyers.

We've prepared a helpful guide to some of the common questions clients ask in relation to mediation here as well as information in relation to Mediation Information and Assessment Meetings (MIAMs) here.

We've also prepared a helpful guide to some of the common questions clients ask in relation to collaborative law here.

If you prefer, please call us to discuss your circumstances and how we can help you. Our family team are highly experienced and can offer expert advice on all areas relating to mediation and collaborative law.

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